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March 2020 I had the idea of writing a book to share about my experience with embroidery on photographs. It’s been quite a journey since I embroidered my first photo back in 2016. Embroidering photos showed me that I could feel less anxious - during this practice I started to listen to my own pace instead of the crazy pace that society asked me to keep up with, and it became an active meditation where I would frequently enter the flow state. Apart from reducing physical stress effects while embroidering, I realized that stitching new stories to photographs of anonymous people and of my own family has been so powerful when it comes to making amends with my past and honoring every step of my journey. In this e-book I share with you some insights that embroidering photos has brought me and step-by-step to embroider your first photograph+ fun prompts you can try at home.


With this book you will:

- Learn a powerful healing technique;

- Make amends with your past through embroidered photos;

- Have access to several prompts to try at home;

- Honor your story & your ancestors;

- Support a lgbtqia+ latinx womxn owned business;


Format: PDF | Pages: 72 | Publication Date: 06/01/2021 | Language: English

ISBN: 9781008927193 | Category: Art & Photography | Copyright: All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright | License Contributors By (author): Juliana Naufel, Revised by: Keith Gordon


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