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Original Art by Juliana Naufel


In 2016 I found my voice with embroidery. Since then I’ve been exploring and researching embroidery on photos as an incredible tool to overcome challenges we all face during our lifetime and to make amends while forgiving our past by suturing these stories that we all carry.

This technique became my superpower, and stitching these forgotten moments in black and white have been so helpful to my self-discovery journey. 2018 was the year that I started hosting in person & online workshops focusing on the healing aspect of my practice. It’s quite amazing to have met through the workshops hundreds of women based in Brasil, USA and other countries across the globe.

My main focus with my art practice is to spread messages of hope, love and affection. My pieces are a daily reminder to my dear collectors that we can live an incredible life filled with love and magic.

Celebrating life with embroidered dreams

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Juliana Naufel works out of her studio in Santos, Brazil, and is represented by PxP ContemporaryShowfields 


Juliana Naufel’s first eBook is all about embroidery photographs as an incredible healing tool. The artist shares some insights that embroidering photos has brought her and a step-by-step to embroider your first photograph right now + prompts to get you inspired.

With this eBook you will:

  • Learn a powerful Healing Technique;

  • Make amends with your past through embroidered photos;

  • Have access to several prompts to try at home;

  • Honor your story & your ancestors;

"Juliana uses embroidery as a reclamation of these photographs, these artiffacts of someone’s history, someone’s memory. She’s poking holes through them and suturing them, almost like fixing them, bringing the past into the future and making its present."

Joey Lico, Global Curator of The Cultivist


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